Health Care Reform - Individuals

The individual market for insurance is both changing and growing. New options for coverage even if you have pre-existing conditions are available, and millions of Americans will qualify for premium subsidies to help make their insurance more affordable. These tools have been assembled to help you understand health reform and how it impacts you and your family.

Subsidy Calculator

Developed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, this tool illustrates health insurance premiums and subsidies for those individuals who are looking to purchase insurance on their own.

Use the Subsidy Calculator


Premium Subsidy Scenarios Under the ACA

This infographic shows three scenarios that illustrate the cost of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act for families in different circumstances, both before and after premium subsidies (in the form of a tax credit).

How to Get Coverage

Follow the lines on this flowchart to see what kinds of healthcare you qualify for.


"Health Insurance Explained: The Youtoons Have it Covered" - Animated video explains basic changes in how Americans can obtain health coverage.

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